Antigua has had a long, colourful history and was known as Wadadli to the indigenous West Indians until Christopher Columbus renamed the island during his voyage here in 1493. Located at the centre of the Leeward Islands in the Eastern Caribbean the island's circumference is roughly 87km (54miles) and its area is 281 km2 (108 square miles).
The population of Antigua as of 2011 was 80,161 and the official language is English. The country's official currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, however prices for tourists are often quoted in US dollars.
Antigua has some of the best weather in the Caribbean and has a very narrow temperature range with averages of 25°C in the winter to 28°C in the summer. It is one of the drier Caribbean islands and experiences relatively low humidity with the soothing trade winds that blow from the north east nearly always constant.
Antigua is a great place to enjoy the very best of the Caribbean. Crystal clear water, white sand beaches and hours of uninterrupted sunshine are just some of the elements that make it a quality holiday destination.
Antigua, with its central Caribbean location, can be reached with direct flights from multiple European and North American cities. Banana Tree Bungalows are approximately 18km from VC Bird International Airport and 16km from the capital city of St. John's.